You’re Next (Thriller-Suspense-Horror)

next“Home invasion with a primal, yet sadistically playful, sentiment”

I have seen over one hundred horror films, but in this day in age only half-assed remakes of decade old classics have been making it to the big screen.  You’re Next, which was on my radar a year before its release, was a well thought out indie film that brought my nail biting habit to a new level.  The camera effects paired with the score conjured up a unique ambiance of suspense.

Though you will not recognize any of the cast, the acting is relatively believable for this type of flick.  Those who can’t act are killed off early, usually in an unorthodox fashion.  The victims actually react logically to their situation and think through there options rationally, which is rare in this genre of film.  This has little effect on the outcome since the textbook sociopaths moves are so calculating that nothing is left to chance. The weapons of choice that are both disturbing and effective and perfect suited to silently stalk their prey.

You will encounter many unsettling scenes, eerie revelations, many laughs, and a twist or two that actually caught me by surprise.

5 responses to “You’re Next (Thriller-Suspense-Horror)

  1. I am not sure if it is because I am a extreme horror fan or what, but I called out the twists from the very beginning. From the moment that I seen the family picture actually. It kind of bothered me that the acting made it obvious as well.

    Sharni Vinson was incredible!

    • Wouldn’t call myself a huge horror fan but I can appreciate well constructed ones and pick out the terrible (Usually remakes). I also knew the twist maybe 1/3 of the way through, but this didn’t stray me away from the other aspects of the film. Give me a couple suggestions on what I should watch next, always up for a few unheard of horror flicks to watch in my spare time.

  2. I reviewed them, so just to give you a heads up about what to expect. Patrick is entertaining! But not excellent! The Den is great in some ways, but let down in others such as lacking a good score. Wer is very well done and a new take on the werewolf genre!

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