American Hustle (Drama-Crime)

hustle“An extravagant overstuffed pig which was overcooked and became inevitably dry and unpalatable”

I understand that honorable critics and movie buffs alike revered this movie, but personally I don’t see what the big fuss is all about.  This is a classic case of Hollywood hysteria and everyone likes it so you better too or else you are ignorant.  I think if everyone had no outside influences and looked at this film at face value, they would be able to see the movie I saw.  Let me try to explain, I will hold back any real spoilers.

The beginning starts out beautifully, showing Christian Bale’s character taking his time with his hairpiece routine and then the following scene were Bradley Coopers character messes it up before a big meeting.  I had great vibes right off the bat, but they didn’t last long.  The Costume and 70’s Score was spot on, the way the scenes were shot was very visually stimulating, but what was missing was an engaging plot and believable characters.

I tried my very best to get into what was going on, but everything was so chaotic from the start and oddly enough developing at snails pace.  At a few points I was so disengaged I began dosing off.  There were so many unnecessary plot points the movie could have been 30% shorter and probably more entertaining.

The most off-putting part of this whole film was the cast.  Lets put all the knights of the round table from last year box office into one “epic” and see what happens.  I understand that The Director, David O. Russell, likes these stars because they have worked in his other films.  But Russel’s dream-team casting vision fell short in executing intriguing roles which were set up to develop into very deep characters.

Take Jennifer Lawrence from Silver Linings Playbook who I genuinely like, but make her a loud, shit-talking, no nonsense, young new jersey trophy wife.  Jennifer was actually almost believable, but Amy Adams may have been more suitable for this role since she already played it pretty well last year in The Fighter.  Can you even fathom Adams as an irresistible seductress?  Even the low cut dresses, which are in every scene, couldn’t help with her persona or forced acting.  Every time she tried to act sexy it look more like she was about to overdose on Quaaludes.  Bradley Cooper I have never really liked on screen, but he was as annoying as ever.  And that other guy, Jason Bourne 2, was o.k. at best.  Christian Bale was the only enjoyable one of the bunch and really kept this movie afloat, without him it would have sunk without a doubt.


4 responses to “American Hustle (Drama-Crime)

  1. Ha, you are so totally right! What a shambolic mess of a film. It’s really hard to find anything to like about it, and if it gets any Oscars at all, I will lose it.

  2. I’m so with you about this movie. It was not at all the amazing film everyone was talking about. I was bored throughout too. Only thing good was the clothes – which were so horrible – but they entertained me!

    • The more people that I talk to about this film, the more of these responses I am getting. I actually have only talked to like 2 people that liked the film out of the dozens I have asked. Clothes are spiffy but that’s about it

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