Bad Grandpa (Comedy)

grandp“A horny old man and his grandson take a road trip fueled by booze and shart jokes”

Irving Zisman, or Grandpa, (Johnny Knoxville) takes a journey cross country to take his grandson Billy (Jackson Nicoll) to his fathers after his mom was sent to jail.  At the same time Irving has just become a bachelor after his wife has passed away, and he is more than eager to jump back on the bandwagon of love.

As always the jackass crew left no prisoners, pulling stunts on unsuspecting people without regret.  There wasn’t a gag that didn’t make you laugh, but at times they pushed it past funny and into crude.  The child actor really kept character, especially when you think he had one chance to pull it off.  One scene that really impressed me was when Billy fooled an unsuspecting man that he indirectly adopted him.  He kept this going without even a smirk for longer than Jimmy Fallon could have I guarantee you.

One major criticism was that they tried to make this into an actual movie when the viewers came to see pranks.  When the camera went to Knoxville attempting to act, while him and his grandson are the only two on camera, it was just painful.  We get it Knoxville, you’ve been in a few movies but lets stick to what works, you can’t sell the bond developing between these two characters and it only takes away from the flow of the film.  This unnecessary third act was luckily saved by an epic last stunt that I still don’t know how they got permission to do.


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