Nebraska (Drama)

neb“A naïve elderly man sets out to claim his fortune with his son, but reluctantly discovers the priceless treasure has been with him all along”

After Woody Grant, played by Bruce Dern, discovers he has won a million dollar sweepstakes, or so he thinks, he will go to any length to get his prize.  After relentlessly trying to walk there at every opportunity his son David, played by Will Forte, unenthusiastically agrees to drive him to Nebraska.  On the way they will make a pit stop in Hawthorne Nebraska were Woody was born and raised.  Once word of Woody being a millionaire gets out, many “old friends” resurface and think they are entitled to a piece of the pie.

On paper Woody is the paragon of a stubborn, drunk, senile old-timer, but after his past is revealed piece by piece throughout the film, you begin to see his softer nature, unintentional humor, and other complexities.  Complimentary to his character was his wife Kate, played by June Squibb.  She is an unfiltered sharp-tongued “city girl” who has something bad to say about almost everyone.  They love each other but in a very resentful way, which is comical at times and insensitive at others.

One unorthodox style about the film was it is shot in black and white.  This gave it a vintage feel as well as conveying the monotonous small farming town life of Hawthorne in an exemplary way.  The main medium used in pushing this film was the dialogue, which was very honest to the theme.  The banters in the first act were very scripted and struggled to bring you in, but eventually gained momentum and the ingenuity of the film came through.

7 responses to “Nebraska (Drama)

  1. Nice review. I loved Nebraska. I just couldn’t stop smiling afterwards, in the same way as when I saw Little Miss Sunshine.

  2. Good review Charles. Yeah, I didn’t love this one much either. However, I do admit to at least enjoying myself with these characters and what Payne was trying to tell us about them. It’s just that he’s done way better, so many times before, that I couldn’t help but feel a tad bit let-down.

    • Thanks! Its not that I didn’t like the film it just took a little time to warm up for me, and overall wasn’t amazing by any means. I thoroughly enjoyed the old person scenes though, especially when they were watching t.v. the dialogue was spot on. You are right though he has done much better work in the past.

  3. I loved this film. The banter and wife character kept me so entertained, and it turned out to be touching at the end. I warmed up almost instantly for some reason.

  4. The back and forth between the characters in the beginning seemed unnatural to me, but only in the opening act. I was actually worried the ending was going to be really cliche but it wasn’t at all to my surprise and I enjoyed it as well.

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