Dallas Buyers Club (Drama)

club“A versatile hustler who adapted to an unfamiliar environment because of necessity, and realized a lifestyle that initially repulsive him could be his salvation”

A story based on the true events of Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey), who contracted HIV in the 80’s when the knowledge of the disease was in it’s infancy.   His charisma and deceptions gave him access to every known anecdote to cure his disease, but in the end found out that the only way to stay alive was to take matters into his own hands with help from his new acquaintance Rayon (Jared Leto).  The Dallas Buyers Club was born, giving an option for people suffering from this disease an alternative method of treatment.

The film thrived though the character development, with the story used as backdrop.  The events that took place were there to piece together woodroofs maturing process throughout the film, with an added dynamic of time quickly running out while they fight to survive.  The performances and sacrifices made for this movie were top notch by both McConaughey and Leto.  You really struggled as well as triumphed with these two at every turn, and the reluctant friendship that progressively developed with this pair was nothing less than luminary.

One critique was the focus of the film got a bit cloudy when they introduced numerous obstacles.  Anyone paying attention could realize that the operation they were running was in the gray area in terms of legality, but make this a side-note and let it go.  Having the FDA, Hospital, Police, etc. continuously waging war was nothing more than a distraction from the meaning of the film and possibly disengaging the audience.

This is certainly the type of tale that puts the manliest bull-riding homophobes predetermined notions of “queers” into a blender, adds in their encroaching demise and a dash of flamboyant liquor, and grinds them up into a fruity cocktail that they will begin to enjoy with every sip.


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