her (Romance-Drama-Sci-Fi)

her“Are human emotions innate or merely an evolution of programmed ideas shaped through experiences”

In the not too distant future Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix), an introvert and romantic ghostwriter, is going through a breakup and struggling to pick up the pieces.  By chance he is lured into buying an advanced operating system that goes by Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), a once professional relationship develops into something much deeper.

The underlying tone is set within the first few scenes to were technology has reprogrammed a lifestyle in which society directs its attention away from its physical environment and into a simulated one.  With humanities detachment towards personal interactions and fear of judgement, it only seems sensible that a familiar and intuitive counterpart could undoubtedly fill in this void.  As the boundaries of the social norms and love begin to expand for mankind so does the self awareness of the droids, creating an even grander undertaking for their confidants.

The character and couples featured provided the storytelling with a broad spectrum of relational themes.  The conventional human companionship was conveyed very honestly, accompanied by the complicated and irrational emotional turmoils.  On the contrary the relationship between man and machine grew quickly without shame.  Nevertheless the mental inferiority of the humans and their limited emotional capacities in contrast to the free-spirited AI made their commitments blurry and confusing.

The likely admiration of this film stems from the intelligent screenplay that Spike Jonze, the writer, director and producer orchestrated flawlessly.  Aesthetically the picture was a spectacle in its own right, paired at times with echoing synthesized organs that guided you into a euphoric trance.  The alluring colors of pastel reds and yellows used to subliminally cue the scenes mood was one of many clever features that accentuated the films unique style.  Even the apparel was refreshing, taking a hipster/vintage approach instead of futuristic spacesuits which would have diluted the realism of the experience.


8 responses to “her (Romance-Drama-Sci-Fi)

  1. Good review. It’s a beautiful movie that tells us all we need to know about love, relationships and being the best you can be. But it’s never sappy, nor is it ever overly-sentimental. It’s just honest.

  2. I agree with your assertions although you liked it more than I. I wanted to like it more than I did, I feel like I’m missing out, some how.

  3. A faultless movie in many ways, there seemed a creepy element to the film that was showing some truth that was already in our lives today with regards to the lack of real relationships required nowdays, nice review.

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