The Last Circus (Foreign-Horror-Romance)

circus“A seductive woman can make clowns out of men, some become vengeful and the remaining deranged”

A young boy’s clown father is captured during the Spanish Civil War and imprisoned to work as a stone miner.  Once the boy finds him, he is told one last message before his fathers’ gruesome death, he will never be a funny clown because of his troubles but a sad clown.  This imbedded into his soul, he sets out for a career following his fathers’ clown-shoed footsteps, and along the way falls for a distressed trapeze artist.  This passion transforms into insanity and an evil clown emerges.

The opening scene most likely used a good portion of the budget for the film and was truly an exhilarating and unique experience.  Take circus performers, give them weapons, and throw them into an explosive high-raged battle in their full circus attire.  You actually have to bring yourself back to reality and remind yourself what you are watching, and if you don’t you will gradually get frustrated by how absurd the film is.

You will encounter sub-par acting and dialogue, a fair amount of suspense, and outrageous scenes that feed your curiosity.  The over-the-top violence and gruesome images, though distasteful, were the most intriguing aspects of this film.  The distinct ambiance of the shots with dark and diluted colors was attributive to the horror theme.  In essence it is a story of clown meets girl, clown falls for girl, girl wants two different clowns, girl is confused in which clown she wants more, girl wants neither clown, girl gives up.  It would be honest to say that the first and third acts were executed perfectly, but they lost it somewhere in the middle.


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