Frozen (Children-Animated)

froze“Who needs a prince when you have a sister, a snowman, and magic”

Two young princesses live in a castle shut-off from the outside world.  One is a clumsy and naive little sister named Anna while the other, Elsa, was born with ice powers.  During an extravagant ball for Elsa’s coming of age, the secret of her gifts are revealed and labeled as sorcery.  Embarrassed and afraid she escapes to the icy wilderness to live in solitude.  The only problem is during this retreat the town becomes frozen over and Anna must find her sister and convince her to bring back summer.

After a dry-spell of Disneys’ failed attempts at creating an admirable film, they finally got it right.  The aesthetics were mesmerizing, truly taking you into a believable and enchanted wonderland.  The majority of the songs were composed thoughtfully, appealing to a variety of audiences while also adding purpose and emotion to the scenes.  Though the humor was mostly childish, there was just enough wit to keep the adult audience in high spirits.  They also used a unique balance of adventure and story to keep the attention of younger viewers.

Going into the actual plot many things aren’t logically sound or realistic, but a child certainly would overlook these inconsistencies.  The portrayal of men and young boys in this tale was anything but flattering, but they somehow craftily used humor or plot-points to disseminate these depictions.

The story’s meaning was meant for young girls, with the liberated message that you don’t need a prince to warm a frozen heart.  This was a refreshing spin on the predictable happily ever after endings Disney has profited from for decades, showing they aren’t afraid to take risks.


One response to “Frozen (Children-Animated)

  1. Good review. Feminists went insane with this, as well as they should have. It’s a movie that shows girls don’t have to have some man in their lives in order to feel like they can achieve what they want.

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