Big Trouble in Little China (B-Movie-Fantasy-Action)

cina“They stole my truck and my friends girl, and I’ll go through all the Chinese hells to find them!”

A hard-ass truck driver by the name of Jack Burton (Kurt Russell), is passing through Chinatown and visits his local “buddies” to play a few games of cards.  When he cleans out his friend Wang Chi for all his cash, he agrees to give Wang a lift to pick up his fiancee at the airport.  Once Wangs fiancee arrives she is kidnapped by knife wielding men.  After finding her location, Jack and Wang try to rescue her when a turf war begins accompanied by the awakening of supernatural forces, forcing them to flee and leave Jack’s truck behind.  With word of Jack’s truck and Wangs fiancee being held captive by a dark mystical Chinese sorcerer and his minions, they begin a dangerous quest to recover them.

Just leave your brain at the door and prepare yourself for a dark magic film with non-stop PG-13 dumb action.  If you are unable to look past a script so bad that the characters actually have to narrate you through the ludicrous plot-points, then don’t even bother.  Please keep in mind that this film was made for teenagers, which is apparent throughout.  From the decision making, immature relationship mindset, and contrived Chinese myths that you never learned in history class you can clearly see the target audience.

Nevertheless this film had so many surprises it was hard not to get sucked into the adventure.  If you’re into oriental stereotyping, Kurt Russell playing himself, a two-millennium old decrepit man, random mythical beasts pop outs, unexplained sorcery, exploding heads, or constant Kung-fu that defies the laws of physics this is the film for you.


6 responses to “Big Trouble in Little China (B-Movie-Fantasy-Action)

  1. Good review. Totally goofy, but also a whole bunch of fun. Gosh, I miss those good old days of Kurt Russell and John Carpenter team-ups. Maybe another day, sometime soon, eh?

  2. I actually do want to watch this at some point or another. Looks quite fun despite the fact it is made purely for camp. Camp is good sometimes so I have no problem with that!

  3. I love this movie and I never saw any of the characters as being racist. Where is the racism in this?

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