Cheap Thrills (Comedy-Thriller)

cheap“How far would you stretch your moral integrity for cold hard cash?”

Family man Craig (Pat Healy) just lost his job as a car mechanic the day he received a 7 days until eviction notice.  While wallowing in his sorrows at a local bar, he runs into his high school drop out buddy Vince (Ethan Embry).  After some small talk Vince is approached by Colin, a high roller (David Koechner) accompanied by his newlywed meloncholy wife Violet (Sara Paxton).  In honor of his wife’s birthday, Colin wants to make a night to remember daring these two new friends with harmless gags for money.  The payoff on these antics begins to steadily increase, but so do the stakes.

The actors did a plausible job at depicting the stereotypical players set in this game of life, making it effortless to understand their motivations.  They were without a doubt type-casted to play these characters, which actually worked in their favor tremendously as their performances were very believable.

The plot itself was really just comic mischief, yet a surprising twist half way through cranked the dial from playful to deranged.  The humor was pretty dark throughout and was meant to make the viewer feel uneasy in almost every scene.  There definitely were a few moments that were in bad taste and may turn some audiences off, but before you know it they are on to the next challenge and you get pulled right back in.

Surprisingly enough, even though the nature of the film was unsettling, the way the comedy was layered within the insanity was thoughtful and made the film a real delight.   Expect money, debauchery, drugs, and a whole lot of blood and I bet you’ll enjoy it.




4 responses to “Cheap Thrills (Comedy-Thriller)

  1. I will see this at some point, even if I dislike gross out deranged ish. Good review sir.

    • Thanks man, it’s not too bad just a few uncalled for moments aimed for cheap laughs. Intelligently made though for this type of movie, and I enjoyed the ride.

  2. I loved this one! Possibly even more than you did! The performances were incredible and the twists were entertaining. It had the best final shot that I’ve seen this year so far!

    • Agreed that final shot was spectacular and really summed it up well. I enjoyed it, but the beginning was a bit slow and a few decisions I didn’t agree with personally but all in all a good watch

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