Dogtooth (Foreign-Drama)

dog“Leave your humanity at the fence and enter into the frontier of radical guidance”

A father has shut his children off from the outside world and taught them everything they know through cassette tapes, home videos, and of course firsthand accounts.  Now that they have reached adulthood, he is noticing their curiosity is becoming a bit harder to control and reverts to harder conditioning tactics to keep order.

This satire on over-protective parenting not only crosses the borders in terms of civility, but is also a risky experiment in the art of film.  Without reading between the lines it would most certainly come off as a darkly comical yet very dry and pointless sequence of events.  The framing and transitioning of scenes are still very imaginative, while the content showcased within is bizarre and at times appalling.  A few of the scenes that many would find disturbing need to be taken into context, or they will without a doubt be deemed repulsive.  The sexual scenes for example, though excessive and without discretion, was shot in a clinical way, without passion and lacking emotional ties. This element was introduced as simply another control mechanism and less about lust or sympathy from the father.

It can not be argued that these young actors had an innocence and naiveté of a child, not to mention demonstrated impulsive behavior.  Apart from the young cast, much of the audience will despise the father on how harsh and twisted his decisions are.  His actions wouldn’t be justifiable by societies standards, but after analyzing the fathers rationale one can at the least understand his motivations.

If you left this film unrattled then you must have a cast iron stomach.  Many will leave in disgust, push it to the back of their mind, and never think of it again.  For those who digest this foreign delicacy may begin to taste the hidden flavors, and understand why the connoisseurs revere it.


6 responses to “Dogtooth (Foreign-Drama)

  1. Great review, but this wasn’t for me. A shame because it has such a fascinating premise.

    • Thanks. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone I know and I was really disgusted when I finished the film. After a couple days though, the shock wore off and I had a change of thought when the message of the film became clear to me.

  2. Great review. It left me disturbed but I was still fascinated in watching the whole thing. This in my mind was a more extreme version of “The Truman Show” Both parents use a form of manipulation to keep their children on the island, both use extreme lengths to keep them there. This was a fascinating watch that I would want to show others.

    • Thanks! Can see your parallels to the Truman show. I don’t think others I associate with could look past a few of the issue and would label me at disturbed for enjoying it. I definitely think it was a good watch for the open minded person though.

  3. What a strange freakin’ movie. But I mean that in every good sense of the word. Still stays in my mind, even after all of these years of having seen it. Good review.

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