The Raid: Redemption (Foriegn-Action-Crime)

raid“There are countless stairs to climb, but even more enemies to conquer”

Rama is a family man as well as an honest and disciplined S.W.A.T team member.  When his team is commissioned to bring down a drug-lord by the name of Jakarta hidden within his cement fortress, the force is skeptical on their odds of survival.  When they begin clearing each floor with ease their morale begins to improve, until an alarm is triggered and all the ruthless gangster are awakened.

With some of the most inventive and fluid fight choreography seen in decades, this Philippines action flick will be talked about within the fight circles of the genre for ages.  The violence was very graphic in nature, but in a way necessary to compliment the realism.  If an enemy hasn’t been determined a non-threat (terminated indefinitely) then he can still harm you, so nothing was left to chance.  These shots of brutality were gruesome and many will turn away, but all will certainly appreciate the thought put into every detail.

The plot of this film was simple yet effect for what it was set out to accomplish, while also keeping a consistent level of suspense.  With any inconsistencies you may begin to ponder, you are immediately thrown into another fight sequence, giving you no time to evaluate the situation.

This film is a brilliant example of how action films should be with 90% adrenaline 10% substance.  By the end of the film you will be too tired to stand, and even though the third act wasn’t wrapped up with a pretty bow, this obviously left room for a much anticipated sequel.


7 responses to “The Raid: Redemption (Foriegn-Action-Crime)

  1. I need to watch these films. I’m sure my concept of action will be forever changed lol.

    • Had to see what the hype was all about, I’m very glad I did. I am not a big action or martial arts movie guy but if more come out like this I’m sold. Check this one out

  2. If you liked this, trust me, you haven’t seen anything yet until you’ve seen the sequel. It’s that rad. Good review.

  3. I loved this film, can’t wait to see the sequel.

  4. Love this one – really gives Hollywood Action films a thing or two to think about.

  5. Great review man! I missed the sequel at cinemas so gotta wait until it hits DVD. Gutted. This is one of my favourite action films ever. Really shakes up the genre.

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