Borgman (Foriegn-Thriller-Drama)

borg“Those who pride themselves to be lions, become visibly vulnerable to the hyenas”

When a clan of tramps are forced out of their underground dens, one of the men by the name of Borgman seeks hospitality in the neighboring community.  After being turned away from his first attempt to wash up, he meets a young suburban housewife, Marina, whose short-wicked husband batters him off their doorstep.  When Marina finds Borgman hiding in her shed, she offers him food, wine, and a warm bath behind her husbands back.  When the clan is eventually reunited with Borgman, they devise a plan for him to gain permission to Marinas homestead and manipulate their inhabitants through clever deceptions.

The direction used to convey the social statuses on opposite sides of the spectrum was pleasantly revealing, yet at times overly exaggerated and highly improbable.  Nevertheless, even with the farfetched plot-points and presumptuous behaviors, the cast was still able to captivate the audience with their genuinely intuitive performances.  Charmingly direct and witty dialogue was also used to bringing an essential lighter tone to the numerous heavier elements throughout this methodically twisted thriller.

The bold imagery tied along with whimsically haunting demonstrations of stalking ones prey, gave an eerie appeal that lingered through the duration of the film.  As the story progressed this gullible family was strung along by the mischievous persuasions suggested by the ringleader Borgman and in a few occasions his band of misfits.  This aspect of the film was amusing as well as mildly frustrating as the story developed to the final inconclusive shot, leaving the viewer to ponder if it was all just a dark and thought-provoking fairytale.




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  1. I totally forgot about this one, thanks for the reminder!

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