Coneheads (Comedy-Family-Sci-Fi)

index“Human Authority Figures! Nyaaaaaah!!!”

While on a surveillance mission of planet Earth, Beldar (Dan Aykryod) and his partner Prymatt (Jane Curtin), crash their spacecraft and become stranded until further notice. To adapt to their new environment, Beldar works as a productive appliance mechanic and his partner a trophy mobile home wife under the alias Donald and Mary Margret DeCicco. Once Beldars green card has been discovered to be fraudulent by the INS, they quickly move camp leaving their belonging and are forced to start their lives over once again. Prymatt soon births a daughter Connie and they create an identity as Mr. and Mrs. Conehead who are French immigrants attempting to live the American dream as they wait to be retrieved by inhabitants of their home planet Remulak.

Based off of a Saturday Night Live skit, this goofball Sci-Fi comedy will bring the viewers laughter to “mass quantities”. Mr. and Mrs. Coneheads obtuse articulations of the human language create a dry and hilarious dynamic between everyone they encounter.  Chris Farley, Jason Alexander, Jon Lovitz, and a few others from the SNL crew make up a supporting cast that effortlessly create humorous scenarios keen to all types of audiences.

Going into the screenplay, it was simply the full backstory of these beloved cone-headed characters using the same framework that made this duo memorable to begin with.  Since these scenes were obviously not recorded live; special effects and other components restrictive on stage gave free range to the directors’ portrayals of these aliens and their bizarre attributes they inherited. It would be a distinctly plausible position that this strip of framed sequences played at quantifiable levels will not be forgotten for at minimum 40 zurls or until mass extinction of all earthlings.

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