Blackfish (Documentary-Thriller-Drama)

Bfish“Want to swim in a pool with Killer Whales? My boss said their trade name is just for show”

Bringing an audience to a constant level of suspense with a film involving one of children’s most magical shows was unexpected.  Those who hear about this film would assume to see a liberal “save the whales” campaign on how we shouldn’t be removing these beautiful animals out of their habitat and forcing them to put on a show for money. Undoubtedly they allude to the root of the problem being the psychological torment these Orcas go through by the conditions they are in, but this element was only a precursor to the overall message of the film.

Interestingly enough this was a occupational health and safety expose’, the focus being around how SeaWorld’s negligence, even after recognizing the dangerous behavior shown by specific whales, lead to harmful accidents. These documented “misfortunes” began piling up, and the owners still continued using these valuable whales for both breeding and shows until the short fuse in one was ignited.

Through former whale trainers and other professionals with experience with these sea mammals, an inside look is given to the sequence of events that led to a veteran trainers death by a dominant Orca named Tilikum. This documentary reveals the information SeaWorld and its affiliates have been submerging for decades case by case, until this fatal accident brought it all up to the surface.


One response to “Blackfish (Documentary-Thriller-Drama)

  1. A very powerful documentary that clearly has something to say, and never skewers away from that. Effective stuff here, I must say. Good review.

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