Jug Face (Horror-Drama)

Jugf“The sacrifice of one to uphold the health of a society is easy to accept, until you are the one on the chopping block”

From the opening credits a story is delivered through child-like drawings displaying the essence of the communities belief system. It then transitions to present day with Ada who is part of a backwoods population who live very simple lives, grounded by a foundation of ideals controlled by a magical pit. Once she finds out she is pregnant the day her family signs a marriage contract with another family, she feels alone and nervous about bringing her family shame. She seeks comfort from a feeble minded friend, Dawai, who also inherits the gift of being the spirit of the pits hands; shaping a clay jug of the next sacrifice. On her way out she secretly opens the oven, only to reveal a jug with a face eerily similar to her own.

This low budget mystical creature-feature uses a very basic system to deliver an ever-looming terror. The tone was established by mixing elements of harsh religious traditions and a boondocks culture. The ruthless sacrifices were a bit hard to stomach using a rusty instrument to slit the throat of the martyr letting them bleed out into the pit which dripped down a tree stump before your eyes.

It is difficult not to parallel many passages of the Biblical Old Testament when comparing names, teachings, and the overall ideologies of this tale. Comparisons can also be made with many Native American beliefs and Japanese folklore of forest spirits of the deceased trapped because of their transgressions. The plot itself was very predictable leaving the variability lying solely on when the creature was to take its next victim, and if or when Ada was going to give herself up for the greater good of her people.

2 responses to “Jug Face (Horror-Drama)

  1. Yeah, that was my biggest issue despite liking the film! The ending was kind of standard and predictable without offering any real surprises! Seems like you thought it was decent though so that is good!

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