Gummo (Drama)

gum“A shirtless boy with long pink bunny ears, don’t think so hard and just enjoy it for what it is”

After a devastating tornado in Xenia, Ohio, an already poverty stricken town is now completely disheveled. The bored youth pass the time with anything they find amusing such as sniffing glue, maiming and killing cats, and drunken chair wrestling. To the ordinary American culture these activities would likely be deemed destructive, cruel, or at minimum outlandish behaviors, but to them it is another days motivation to keep on living.

With the collaboration of multiple film mediums and dubbed stories told by the townies, Director Harmony Korine developed an experimental domestic tale foreign to its own nation. Through an informal narrative with Korines’ signature style, a plethora of unique individuals were put on display unwrapping one taboo after another. By capturing the obscure conducts of this distressed society living in complete filth, accentuated the disregard for normalcy adopting a new philosophy within the confines of their obliterated kingdom.

Along with the strange characters, the explicit subject matter exhibited was inexcusably unadulterated which only intensified the distressed mood of the situation. Whether viewers will be disturbed or inspired, this autonomy gives form to the exploration of the deepest human psyche, which helps mitigate the intolerance of a judgmental society.


9 responses to “Gummo (Drama)

  1. Great review, looks like a strange film to say the least.

  2. I never managed to watch Gummo in its entirety. I just couldn’t bear to watch beyond the cat-killing scene.

    • Ya that first one is the most intense, the other ones are just overkill (no pun intended). It’s one of those films that only escalates in it’s vulgarity so I wanted to give you a fair warning.

  3. I saw this right after seeing “Kids” because it had Harmony Korine’s name attached to it. The disconnective narrative made it a difficult watch and I did not like the whole thing, but I did love certain moments. The scene where kids are jumping around to a Buddy Holly Song still sticks in my head. It’s one I will check out again soon. You make a valid point about what would seem odd for us is normal for them. Good review

  4. This was a pretty painful watch, even though I’m glad to have seen it. Some moments were so uncomfortable. Typical Korine though! Great write-up!

  5. I admire the film for the uniqueness but I feel like I’d be wishing death on these folks for killing cats. I love animals and pets so that may actually be difficult to see!

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