Blue Ruin (Thriller-Crime-Drama)

blue“When your existence revolves around retribution, a thorough plan is the last item on the list ”

After a tragedy flipped Dwight’s (Macon Blair) world upside down, he began living as a homeless beach bum sifting through garbage daily and living in isolation for 8 solid years. When word breaks that the man that killed his parents is being set free, his long awaited patience for revenge has met its end. After confronting the newly released prisoner who killed his parents, he set off a chain of events he was not prepared for.

A daunting tone was set early by using limited dialogue, which left the stories development to the overall atmosphere, coupled by an engaging score. Like most films of this nature, the acting is preformed through the characters demeanor, which was notably spot on by the leading man. You could sense his timidity as well as the pain that shut him down emotionally through most of the film.

This indie revenge film is a gem in its class, by basing the story around the aftermath of the initial undertaking of revenge, and not the typical justice bearing third act. The suspense was also fresh, as it was carried by the unpredictability of the situation deriving from the inexperience and spontaneity of the main character, leaving much of the outcome to chance. The alternating cat and mouse game was captivating and kept a consistent pace leaving the audience apprehensive from the first rookie kill to the last.


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