Marie Antoinette (Drama)

marie“A new age lens which transformed a past culture to the present.”

This biopic directed by Sofia Coppola focuses on the life of Marie Antoinette (Kristen Dunst), which begins with her arranged wedding with the French Prince (Jason Schwartzman). After a few years of marriage, the King of France dies and she is named Queen, and by this time use to the luxuries that come with royalty. With her excessive spending on parties and coincidentally high war costs by helping the Americans, the country is beginning to feel the tax burdens and the fingers are all pointing to one fancy lady.

The attention to detail was immaculate with backdrops of golden fixtures, sophisticated wallpaper, and tasteful table dressings bringing reality to an era you only read about in the history books. The ability to encapsulate the traditions of the systems accustomed to the royal family, while also bringing its absurdities to light with timeless humor was a real delight. Every custom seemed more peculiar than the last, but eventual you learned the dance and the rules became second nature.

A unique blend of contemporary music and those of the times created a very familiar feeling to a story centuries old. The world created was a very bright one, with colorful foods and shoes and the champagne always flowing, which is an obvious appeal to the female audiences. Nevertheless with a relatable story as well as an elegantly crafted timeline, this became a film to be enjoyed universally by viewers of all tastes even those not keen to caviar.



3 responses to “Marie Antoinette (Drama)

  1. Once again, with Coppola, it’s all about her style. And while most of it does work, some of it doesn’t really allow us to see Marie Antoinette as anything more than a gal who liked to party. Which is fine and understandable, but it doesn’t make for all that of an interesting lead character. Good review.

  2. This is one of my favorite Sofia Coppola movies and I hate chick flicks. I disagree with Dan’s comments that this girl is not interesting and all she wants to do is party all the time. Marie Antionette is a child who is meant to rule a country without learning anything about it. Kinda of like giving a teen the keys to a car without teaching her how to drive it. She is then meant to provide an heir to the throne with a husband she has no interest in. But still doesnt want to upset anyone in the kingdom. Yeah I can understand why she would spend all of her time partying. This is a lot of stress for anyone to take. Especially a young girl, and Sofia Coppola captures that isolation perfectly. Great review

  3. I’ve always wanted to see this movie. Think will do it now.

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