Very Ordinary Couple (Foreign-Romance-Comedy)

index“No matter how much you want a romance to work, statistically after the first breakup your chances of the relationships longevity is limited”

After an initial breakup Lee Dong-hee and Jang Young are on the rebound track, but like most, are still unintentionally thinking of one another.  To make matter worse, they are also co-workers and have had to keep their relationship a secret for some time.  They try to move on, but after a few thoughtless mistakes and irrevocable decisions, they fall back into each other’s warm embrace and try to give their relationship another shot.  This time they are consciously avoiding the issues that pushed them apart in the first place, but begin to realize this may not be enough.

This Korean rom-com has all of the universal elements for this genre; including awkward comedic situations, forgiveness without bounds, and of course gobs of irrational behavior customarily triggered by jealousy.  One component that does set this apart from the company it keeps, is the authentic dialogue and relational elements that conjure empathy from those who have been there before.

This 20-somthing modern take on relationships spellbinds the viewers through both a relate-able storyline and two loveable characters.  The on screen chemistry apparent between these two, along with both characters personal convictions and flaws, formed an honest screenplay that was an engaging and uplifting even to the bitter end.  These two negatively charged magnets did everything positive to come together, but sadly an inert invisible force relentlessly kept a field of polarity between them.



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