The Rover (Crime-Drama)

Rover“Proving to yourself that you still have your human dignity is worth more than a life without it”

Ten years after the collapse, Australia as a civilized nation is almost completely dissolved.  Vendors no longer take Australian currency, society is non-existent and, and the government has stepped in to bring the last of the countrymen to the capital for “reorganization”.  Living within this chaos there is a man by the name of Eric (Guy Pearce), who stops at a local rest stop to have a drink.  Meanwhile a group of three men crash their truck and while in a hurry, take Eric’s car as a getaway.  Even after Eric chases these men down and asks for the exchange of vehicles, the men were not up for negotiations, and when push came to shove Eric gets knocked out and left for dead.  After he becomes conscious, he drives down the road for supplies, and when he goes back to the truck finds a man (Robert Pattinson) in the passenger seat wounded, asking why he has his brothers’ truck.

Having the outback the setting for a tale of this subject matter brought a dry and gritty ambiance to every scene.  Relentless flies, dust and dirt clinging to every movement, and the unforgiving sun will make even the air-conditioned audience feel exhausted and filthy.  The townies that were left in this wasteland were frightening and rough to say the least, and you could imagine why these select few encountered are the last ones standing.  No one ever answered questions, no matter how many times they are asked, which kept suspense while also conveying the primal nature and loss of benevolence within the culture.  This unwritten code of civil disorder, along with others, was a lingering presence that inadvertently showed each characters experience level and human degradation in this desolate habitat.

Going into the unorthodox screenplay, many viewers will undoubtedly be confused, as the backgrounds and unfolding stories are not spoon-fed.  Allusions portrayed as “random” occurrences and small-talk conversations cunningly develop the layered characters, subjective to the harsh environment they live in.  The mysteries shadowing the two leads were thought-provoking, and with due attention, rewarding insights are provided which breaks away the crocodile scale facade revealing much longed for human skin.


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