Under the Skin (Sci-Fi-Thiller)

index“Once tempted by the flesh, all men will lose their inner being to a dark and unrelenting abyss”

After changing into the clothes of a young lifeless woman found in a ditch on the side of the road, a beautiful creature (Scarlett Johansson) begins driving around Scotland in a large white van. After a few minutes of consciously observing with the demeanor of a lioness on the prowl, she picks up a man on the street and begins to effortlessly flirt with him. Once she has him under her spell, she leads him to a dark and empty room with a floor that begins devouring him with each willing step into a murky pool of goo.

The search for the right man became harder as the film progressed, slightly slowing the pace of the film down along with it.  This ingeniously had a mostly positive effect on the overall tone, since it built up the anticipation and importance for the inevitable hypnotic capture to follow.

Using the vehicle of an obscure and alluring sci-fi film, the exemplification of a modern day man-eater is depicted. Within this possible interpretation, an oversimplification of the sexual nature of men is bluntly exhibited, along with the mindless behavior they adhere to within an erotic encounter.

These powerful and captivating scenes of seduction brought the anticipation to an arousing level, paired with a tantalizing score that orchestrated a sonata of desires encapsulating the mesmerized viewers without shame. One of the most powerful scenes occurs when one of these men encounter a previous victim within this liquescent chamber, only to bear witness to his eventual demise.

After this theme is explored another is introduced, involving the main protagonist and the evolution within herself. Her apparent aspiration to become more human than her restrictive mission allows, which unfortunately only brings more confusion to a climactic final scene that goes up in smoke.

2 responses to “Under the Skin (Sci-Fi-Thiller)

  1. Nice review. That scene was very unnerving. It’s such an atmospheric film and, for me, definitely one of the best so far this year.

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