Absentia (Suspense-Horror)

absnet“There are always rational scenarios to any unfortunate mystery, as well as supernatural tales for those unwilling to let go”

Tricia is an expecting single mother whose husband went missing several years ago.  In the process of obtaining her husbands death certificate and moving out of her apartment, Tricia’s troubled sister Callie offers to stay and help as well as provide companionship.  As the stress and guilt builds, Tricia begins seeing frightening apparitions of her husband, which begin as dreams but then venture out into her reality.

This mindfully crafted indie horror film goes against the grain by delivering a film that actually provides insight to possible logical explanation, instead of leaving a supernatural viewpoint as the only option.  These possibilities not only provided the viewers with a choice, but also gave credibility to the characters promoting them as more than just another idiotic horror film victim.

The elements used to provoke terror can also be seen as fairly unconventional.  The bombardment of chilling projections at unexpected moments instead of using the predictable Hollywood formula of high pitched eerie music, false alarm, pop out, brought a new level of suspense that was suffocating.  This technique was absolutely terrifying since the audience is left with no fair warning of the next scare.

Half way through the film the subject matter and tone changes dramatically, which some will find amusing while others slightly annoyed.  Nevertheless, the unrelenting fear inducing elements keeps a consistent pace which will make most heart beating humans skin crawl.

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