The Raid 2 (Foreign-Action-Crime)

index“Battles are won by conquering a single stronghold, but destroying an enemy may take diluting the integrity of the prince”

After being the sole survivor of a raid on one of the key drug-lords, Rama is approached by a high-ranking officer in an underground task force. He is asked to go undercover in prison and befriend Uco, the son of the Bangun who is the leader of the most powerful gang in the region. Once he has served his jail-time, Rama will become a debt collector for the gang as well as provide much needed intel to bring down the corruption that is polluting the streets and police force.

With an adrenaline boost from its predecessor, this sequel earned a higher budget providing the film with smoother edges to a very dark and rigid environment. The camera work never failed to impress during the fight sequences, but also became surprisingly creative in capturing the ambiance of the world through vibrant colors and mystique. Every suspenseful moment was uniquely defined using clever techniques such as introspective angles, unexpected dialogue, and an abundance of temperamental characters.

One obvious critique would be the much more involved story in essence limited the action sequences, but in no way was the storyline out of its borders or reaching for something it was not.  The plot progressed as fluid as the action that was layered between, and at no point will the audience be lead to a place without intention.


One response to “The Raid 2 (Foreign-Action-Crime)

  1. This movie kicked so much ass. Definitely one of the best of the year. Good review.

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