The Believer (Drama-Crime)

indesdsx“Incomprehensible ancient literature may be a short wick to rebellion for the intelligent and stubborn youth”

Danny Balint (Ryan Gosling) is a fierce and articulate man with the mission to rid the world of the Jewish epidemic plaguing the culture. Everything about this race of people fills him with rage, their irrational convictions, rituals, and even their “sexual habits” he deems regressive to the human species. After meeting with a group of fascists sharing similar ideals, Danny is on the fast track in leading his own revolution. One minor difference that sets him apart from his brethren is that the blood that runs through his veins is that of his greatest enemy.

This film sets out to illustrate a young man eagerness to prove the invalidity of the Jewish ideologies, though in reality his motivation is only to somehow justify his own self-loathing. This drive was instilled in him from adolescence, finding his rational and subjective interpretations of religious studies frustrating, especially since no one else was able to understand his near sided viewpoint.

When the time came for any honest retribution, it came off as purely manufactured due to the formula character arcs and playbook storytelling that led up to this point. Reaching far and wide for actual artistic expression fell into a cyclic over-dramatized score paired with black and white reenactments of the main protagonist morphing into the creator of decade old pain. This imaginary event clearly being the main driving factor and epiphany, shaped the sophisticated yet somehow malformed brain to understand even the slightest sympathy.  With this small angel whispering in his ear, the events leading to the third act were countless demonstration of bipolarity, yet instead of climactic thrill you were given jumbled chaos.


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