Locke (Suspense-Drama)

Locke“Working through the aftermath of a mistake is sometimes harder than the final consequence”

Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) enters a sedan and begins to drive into the night, and initiates multiple calls using his car phone. The first to his family to let them know he will not be home that night. Next a call to his boss letting him know he will not make the concrete pour the following morning for a multi-million sterling pound construction project he was spearheading. This is obviously followed up by a call to Ivan’s right hand man giving him the directive of preparation to take his place. Before any of these calls he received an incoming correspondence from a frantic woman asking when he will be arriving, in reference to a complication at the hospital.

Using no real props or setting, a gripping story unfolds through dialogue bridged between incoming and outgoing phone calls inside a car. Each situation had a separate layer, conjuring an inimitable tone that migrated to the central dilemma of his absence. Most would assume this would be a slow paced experience, yet every Bluetooth car chime brought a compounding level of suspense and emotions dependent upon the voice at the other end.

The ability to capture this type of response is attributed to a stellar presentation given by the solo performer, Tom Hardy. All audiences will have an easy time empathizing with his state, due to his courage onscreen as well as a compelling backstory supplemental to his firm plan. Although the imaginary discussion with the protagonist of his inner turmoil was a bit overemphasized, the impeccably orchestrated battle to mend his wounds was nothing short of a thrill ride.


One response to “Locke (Suspense-Drama)

  1. Good review. Hardy was so compelling to watch in this movie that it’s his main fault why the movie works as well as it does.

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