Before Sunrise (Drama-Romance)

Before Sun“A chance encounter producing an impartial outlook on life and love”

A young man and woman meet on a train and begin to have a very natural conversation. When it is time to go their separate ways, they mutually decide that a connection between them is too strong and it would be foolish to not continue their engagement. Through the remainder of the day and into the night, their relationship becomes stronger as they delve deep into each other’s personal lives and philosophies.

Richard Linklater produces a convincing modern-day fairytale, which is developed solely through captivating dialogue. Aside from a few awkward moments and verbage one will inevitably indulge in when falling for someone, the predictable love story formula was left on the passenger car in act one. In place of the generic romance, is spontaneously spellbinding rhetoric tied into logical debates between two individuals who are discovering themselves through one another. Caught in an immersion of intellectual and sometimes playful conversations, a bond is persuasively formed beyond any superficial physical attraction.

With pivotal importance to the success of the overall pace and tone of the screenplay, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy enthrall the audience with a sincere chemistry. An intriguing emphasis on their personal immaturities was gradually uncovered, showing how disadvantages could disrupt the passion if their relationship was to grow into something permanent. Within these vulnerabilities a secondary nuance was introduced with their departure, bringing forth a curiosity of how their relationship would evolve if they were to be reunited in the future.

2 responses to “Before Sunrise (Drama-Romance)

  1. Good review. Love this movie so very much. But the sequels? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe even better.

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