Before Sunset (Drama-Romance)

beforesun“Time may pass in an instant, but a genuine emotional interest takes longer to fade away”

Jessie (Ethan Hawke) travels around Europe on a book tour to speak on behalf of his best selling “fictional”-romance novel. His last stop is France, the place were the key counterpart in his story lived.  After his completion of the conference, he sees a woman he recognized immediately waiting in the back of the bookstore; the muse from his popular book. With a few hours to kill before his flight, they walk around town to catch up on the years lost, while also eluding to the hypotheticals. A spark becomes undeniably rekindled, and they become blinded from the reality and repercussions this happenstance could cause.

A sequel to a popular film released almost a decade prior, Richard Linklater brings a continuation of a romance left on an ambiguous note. While unraveling the circumstances that kept them apart for so many years, they also begin to discover that the time has matured them and brought a series of reformed ideals. Nevertheless, they embrace the harmony their conversations carry, which have endured through the period that is now only a vague reminiscence.

This film remarkably demonstrates the impact experiences in life have in the determination and development of self.  As a follow-up to their first encounter, aside from their obvious desire for one another unaffected, the audience is able to see how specific moments have shaped their now ripened personalities and how they currently interact together. This in turn brings a consideration that if they were to have joined together years prior as planned, what would have become of the initial relationship with so much personal growth in transition. This is left with the audience to decide, as a hopeless romantic siding with the power of cosmic fate or the logical-minded favoring incalculable odds of this reuniting having perfect timing for their longevity.

One response to “Before Sunset (Drama-Romance)

  1. Better than the first, but honestly, it’s a very close call. Good review.

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