About Snob of Films

IMG_3571I am a man born in the late 80’s, who grew up watching movies that I was excited to pay my allowance money to see.  Previews before the movies made me ecstatic and blockbuster video was actually more like a candy store than a movie rental outlet.

Let’s cut to the chase, I utterly despise the cookie-cutter movies that have been regurgitated onto the big screen the past 10+ years.  Movies showcasing a popular cast of Oscar winners to only throw you into a deja-vu of last years holiday box office epidemic.  Getting into the indies, foreign, and overlooked films have changed my outlook and have given me hope that the art of film will live on.

I don’t claim to be gods gift to movie reviews, but I do believe a review can be summed up in 400 words or less.  I have not taken film classes or graduated with a liberal arts degree, but I have seen thousands of movies and have a sixth sense of weeding out the good, the bad, and the ugly by just seeing the trailer.



6 responses to “About Snob of Films

  1. I really enjoy reading your reviews, excellent work man.

  2. I hope you aren’t too snobby to accept nominations http://wp.me/p3sWVR-gZ

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