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Sabotage (Crime-Drama-Action)

sab“An action film confusingly and abruptly turned crime melodrama”

The action begins with a DEA legend (Arnold Schwarzenegger) leading his team through a raid with the intentions to skim a bit off the top, hide the cash in the sewers, and burn the rest. Tragically when they go to retrieve their informal hazard pay, they notice that someone has taken it. If matters couldn’t get worse in the coming days the FBI somehow manages to count the cash that was blown to bits and notice that some of it is missing, which bring forth an investigation. After being acquitted six months later for lack of evidence, the team is brought back together. After reuniting and shaking out the cobwebs through some weapons training, the members start getting picked off one by one in the night. Could it be the angry cartels, the sour FBI, or someone with a grudge on the inside?

The pace of the film starts off with high intensity action, humorously close camaraderie, and tough bottom of the barrel special ops team. Unfortunately after the first act the action became limited and tediously overindulged layers of delinquency went full force, creating multiple subplots to the point of bewilderment. Within this genre the masses aren’t expecting a best screenplay nomination, but at minimum a plot that is competent, consistent, or at least dangerously explosive to the point of shell shock.

Audiences also aren’t lining up to see a film with a depressed Arnold Schwarzenegger mope around and attempt to flex his saggy acting muscles for a full-length film. Not to mention, the one-dimensional co-stars that made it seem as though they weren’t given a script and asked to just adlib with expletives. Take away the special operations equipment, a couple gunfights, and hard bodies and you are left with first year ROTC cadets synching on each others menstrual cycle, and no one wants to be around for that.