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The Purge (Thriller-Suspense-Horror)

Purge“The writer either has dementia or the script was split between numerous idiots without any collaboration whatsoever”

Ethan Hawke is a sales rep for the number one home security system in the nation, which is perfect because once a year every crime is legal for 12 hours.

So when it is the night of the purge Ethan’s son hears a man screaming for help, and what is his first instinct?  Oh, he’s probably running from someone I am going to risk my families life and let him in, logical, so that’s what he does.

Once this intruder is let in the family gets stocked up with firearms, and randomly the daughters boyfriend comes out of nowhere and thinks its a bright idea to kill the overprotective father in front of the whole family.  Luckily this plot point didn’t take off, it was only a 3 minute confusing distraction that was meant to make you jump, the boyfriend inevitably gets shot and killed by the father.

With that out of the picture, now there is a gang of masked people looking for this man who ran into the house.   Luckily the number one security sales person will have a great security system, so they wont make it onto the property right?  He must have a moat filled with piranhas, 10 lions as guard dogs, an electric fence that could cook a turkey, or at minimum a barbed wire fence like in the third world countries? None of the above? Seriously?  The kid from home alone was better prepared.

So the gang strolls onto his lawn and demands to give them the intruder loose in the house or they will break in and kill the family.  This is believable since they obviously got past the grass lawn and white picket fence already.  To help the family find the man quicker, the gang immediately shuts the power off…wait, what?

Luckily the boy finds the intruder with his remote controlled car, perfect, they can hand him over and everything will be dandy.  Wrong.  The boy instead shows the intruder his secret hiding spot, and a few minutes later the sister gets taken hostage by the intruder when she tries hiding there, that’s strike two kid with your bright ideas.

I turned this atrocity off, but surely the gang breaks in and the family makes countless mistakes ending with a predictable conclusion.