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Enemy (Thriller-Suspense)

enemy“You are your own worst enemy, especially when tarantulas and an enigmatic envelope are involved”

Adam (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a timid history professor stuck in a very stagnant time in his life.  When he discovers his exact double Anthony while watching a movie, he becomes obsessed with meeting him.  Adam finally obtains Anthonys’ contact information and convinces Anthony to get together with him, but unknowingly unlocked a revolving trap door.

The majority of the events were shot through what appears to be a cloudy yellow filter, creating a signature style that sets a nightmarish tone and an innate sense of anxiety.  On the same note the use of spiders may have many who suffer from arachnophobia crawling out of their skin, nevertheless this personification paired brilliantly with the themes of the film.

The initial objectification of women being used as the main catalyst, paralleled well with the connotation of the visceral male and the primal faults that cloud their judgements.  The dynamics involving relational control, depicted through various instances, was a very interesting component that lead the viewer to rethink their initial assumptions.

Be aware this is the type of film with a storyline that appears to be straightforward to start, but then you eventually finds yourself retracing your steps when everything becomes arbitrary.  The masterful and delicate use of hidden cues unmask a logical explanation, rewarding the conscious viewer with solace within their interpretations instead of a web of uncertainty.