Before Midnight (Drama-Romance)

beforemid“No matter how perfect the match, all human bonds universally endure hardships”

Jesse has spent the summer in Europe with his son from his previous marriage, along with his new companion in life Celine and their twin daughters. After dropping his son off at the airport, Jesse and his new family begin a drive to a small cottage nestled within the Greek countryside to meet up with friends. Once they arrive they engage in conversation, have dinner and drinks, and then the friends offer to watch their kids for a romantic weekend in the town nearby.   This cherished time alone is long past due and brings an initial excitement, but also hesitation with the inner burdens they are currently dealing with.

As expected, Richard Linklater, shrouds the audience with a barrage of philosophical ideas on life, romance, and relationships using several mediums. Being the third installment of the Before Sunrise Trilogy, the film takes a more matured step in advancing the renowned love story. Not only has the honeymoon phase worn off, but also new concerns involving Jesse missing much of his sons prime years in high school. As common with many relationships, this was taken personally by Celine and a conflict develops bringing out every problem, mistake, or personality trait they dislike of each other.

The absorbing aspects of the long argument scene were not the subject matter themselves, but the delivery and methodical counter blows used to emotionally deaf ears. The intricate way of dismissing one another’s point and how the overwhelmed individuals need push the composed one over the edge of rational thinking was gripping. This honest portrayal of married couples quarrel disclosed a side to relationships that is predominantly kept behind closed doors, yet the audience is provided with a beautifully passionate expression of human nature as a fly on the wall.

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