Filth (Comedy-Crime-Drama)

Filth“The title lacks novelty, but is still a very accurate representation of what the film is made out to be”

A detective by the name of Bruce is in line to become promoted, but first he must impress the chief as well as devise a plan to beat out his colleagues. Out of the other detectives, he really only sees a few that could stand in his way and all but one can be subdued. One major problem with his backstabbing and elaborate sabotaging is he is in no state of mind to competently remove his competitors from the runnings. With his drug, drinking, and sex habits coupled with his steadily increasing hallucinations, the odds of his victory are quickly decreasing as his insanity continues to overwhelm him.

The representation of Scotland from the start is quite a shame, and the characters and debauchery that converge with it are anything but pleasant. Having talent such as James McAvoy leading the show into complete despair was troublesome, and will make many question his integrity for future role selections. The performance itself was intense and compelling, but the screenplay dragged him into becoming a sick individual that twisted your perception of him into a pathetic self indulged coward.

The random hallucinatory components were disturbing and horrifyingly fascinating to start which tugged you along, up until the origin of disorder came to light, making them cliché and ridiculously illogical. Once you finally understand what is provoking this heavily weighted downward spiral into madness, you come to realize you will never redeem the 90 minutes of your life you spent waiting for some type of empathic anecdote.

3 responses to “Filth (Comedy-Crime-Drama)

  1. McAvoy runs this movie with everything he’s got. In ways, he’s the only thing keeping it all together. Good review.

  2. Good review! I was all over this one, but I’m a pretty big Irvine Walsh fan. Can definitely see why its gotten mixed reviews though.

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